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At MUTZ NUTZ our pet shop resident groomer Conor is always busy looking after our customers pets, and as a result Conor is frequently asked “How should I wash my dog, our What is the best way to brush my dog, or Can I cut his nails myself” and many other variations on these questions, so with Conor’s help I will endeavour to give you tips to help.

It seems that most people are not informed when buying their pet, about what is needed to take care of their pet’s coat. With many of today’s special breads of dogs their coats get matted very easily and need to be brushed every day. If not when groomed this may add to complication’s and the need for the dogs coat to be cut very tight, if the matts can’t be removed.


If your dog is prone to matting it is an important tip to remember to brush your dog before you wash it as the matting gets worse when you wash him and usually the matts get tighter and can lead to skin irritations.

Washing a dog is not normally a pleasant experience for your pet, so taking steps to relax your dog may make a big difference. Try to get your pet used to the bath tub without water. Sit your pet in it several times with no water in it and reward them with treats, while trying to reassure your pet that this is a good experience.

Now time to add water, make sure the water is not to cold or too hot as to scare or hurt your pet. Make sure you have plenty of towels, something to cover yourself with and the right shampoo. Pet shampoos are specially formulated for them and usually have a neutral ph. balance (this means it’s not acid or alkaline). They are quiet often concentrated so to be on the safe side always dilute at first, you can always add more later.

At MUTZ NUTZ we have a wide range of shampoos and dog grooming supplies ireland, with which we normally recommend you dilute before you put straight on to your pets skin, as this can be hard to rinse off if to concentrated.

A handy way is to put some shampoo into an empty clean 2 litter bottle and mostly fill with warm water, leaving about 2 inches at the top so you can shake up, then put this on your pet as it won’t cause a shock and it will be easier to rinse off.

Note: Some pets may have skin irritations or allergies which require special medicated shampoo’s from your VETS.





At MUTZ NUTZ we have a large range of Brushes and Combs in stock for dogs, cats and even rabbits. There are a bit too many types to explain them all to you but here we go. A quick run-down on some of the better types we have in stock.

Slicker Brushes – for any kind of fur whether wet or dry, not very good if the pet already has matts. (Slicker brushes can cause irritation on some dogs especially short haired.)

Furminator – are a DE shedding tool made for short haired and long haired pets to remove all shed hair from your pet including its undercoat.

Rakes – Dog grooming rakes help to remove loose undercoat hair without damaging the top coat. Spinning stainless steel teeth help tease through knots and tangles

Pin & Bristle Brush’s – Bristle brushes can be used on all coat types and vary according to the spacing between bristles and the length of the bristles. In general, the longer the hair coat, the more widely spaced and longer the bristles should be. Also, the coarser the hair, the stiffer those bristles need to be.

Massage Brush – They will deliver a combination of massage & hair removal, effective for removing hair & dandruff.

And all types of Combs, i.e. DE shedding combs, flea combs, thick and thin combs are available to suit different hairs and condition of hair.



Cutting your pets nails is not very straight forward, as if you cut down to far you will cut into the quick (i.e. : vain) inside the nail and if not cleaned can lead to infection. If you don’t feel comfortable trimming your pets nails your VET or our groomer will be happy to do this regularly for you. And often dogs do not need their nails trimmed if they go for frequent walks on footpaths or concrete. Just watch those dew claws (thumbs). We will cut your pets nails in the grooming parlour at our shop in Walkinstown provide the groomer is available, no appointment is usually needed.

You may also see our full list of products in our pet store online Ireland so you can choose the best accessories for your pet without leaving the comforts of your home.

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